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You’re overthinking it. Adventure, I mean. You’re sitting there gazing longingly at images of gritty folks riding bikes in faraway places and thinking, “That’s impossible. I’ll never go anywhere like that.”

Take it from me—you are definitely overthinking it. I’ve done big adventures and flipped the script for some very tiny ones. Teeny-weeny, nano-adventures. So small they exist only as the memory of a sting in my quads as I attempt to climb stairs the next day.

Adventures aren’t measured on some arbitrary scale of EPIC, where the absolute top of the chart is forging a raging river with a bike on your back and leeches hanging from your armpits. Nope. Adventure scales perfectly to the scope of your imagination and it can snuggle quite serenely with your crazy schedule and life commitments—if you let it.

It’s an art getting your brain there, though. Difficult, sometimes, to pry it open to the “getting lost” possibilities available in your immediate world. I’m not talking getting lost in a "call the search and rescue" sense, either. It’s lost in the moment. The “right here, right now.” If you're thinking, "well, that’s some hippy dippy stuff right there," I hear you. Let’s formalize it to make it more palatable.

There is no time like the present to start honing your exploratory craft. It’s time you graduated from the University of Being Brave with a BA (Bachelor of Adventure) in Getting Lost.

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